Commentary: Today’s Reflections`

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Today it seems far too often, many of our elected leaders are more willing to spend billions of dollars fighting wars, dividing communities, promoting hate, polarization, and self-interest, while ignoring what is the cause of most conflicts and economic decay.

Our leaders should strive to develop communities, work together regardless of one’s socioeconomic status, and focus on equality and economic growth. In the end, many will have a brighter future and less appetite for violence. We should always find ways as it is imperative that our society mediate conflicts to decrease massive exodus of people seeking safety and economic balance globally.

Regardless, of one’s place: East or West, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, and/or [anywhere else] Race, Sex, Creed, Color, National Origin, Religious Belief, and Sexual Orientation; tolerance will be the key to success in this New World Economy. “We all cannot be the same. Life would be boring. Let us mute ignorance and intolerance and embrace your music, accent  and mines.”

The key to our success is simple good-governance and solid economic public policies to cut the gap between the haves vs. have-nots. Today, we have more victims of violent crimes and political turmoil almost everywhere. Despite a slight reduction in our prison  institution recently, many studies have shown that it grew tremendously in earlier years.

Prison Population Stats 2010

What is troubling, we are not only more divided as a nation, but several youths are becoming radicalized, and blaming other nations for their economic conditions, and being recruited easily to carrying-out barbaric  atrocities on humans.

These issues will become the norm for the next generation if society continues on this divided path as our media seems to be  looking  for quick solutions to these problems while applying  score cards, as if these issues  weekly.  In the end, not all conflicts will be solved by drone strikes alone.

Society has gotten to a point where a simple argument of not knowing the full-scale operations of a  threat that changes rapidly is a total failure regardless of one political views.  Some of our leaders tend to use these issues to further to divide and not using the unknowns as an opportunity to become educated, while fixing what they already knew.



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