Commentary: A check-up for Father’s Day

Father's dayHistory: Father’s Day began in June 1909 when Sonora Dodd wanted to celebrate her father after her mother died while giving birth. Her father was born on June 19 in 1910. President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 supported the idea and in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June, and President Nixon made it a permanent in 1972. Other places might have a different celebration.

Equally important:Another look at Mother’s Day”. The irony of simply replacing “Mother’s” with the word “Father’s”, especially about black men, some criminal justice topics will emerge. The Justice Department reported in the US alone more than two million incarcerated. However, this day is not the criminal justice inmate number. It is called male breast cancer.

Men Health: I am not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on television to even address some of the medical term about the swelling of nipples, discharge, rashes around the nipple and the millions of cells and hormones found in boys and girls, puberty, swelling of the chest area, or lymph nodes under the arms.

Here is the simplest prognosis: breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from cells of the breast. “A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that may grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body.”

men Breast CancerMales are at lower risk than women for breast cancer, but it remains high, especially for men with a history of testicular disease, and ones with a genetic predisposition, radiation, excessive alcohol use, liver disease, and obesity, according to the International Journal of Caring Science and other leading oncologic care studies.

Tackling these serious medical issues can be a taboo. Even a constitutional amendment would not change much ideology where the socialization process does not allow room to show weakness and that is a dangerous weapon against one’s health issues. Beneath that tough guy image, quietly he needs your support.

How many men would openly admit that they relied on Viagra for sexual dysfunction?

Sensitivity and self-confidence to a man is as important as his influence: The idea of male health with a designated color like pink that represents women breast cancer awareness or a five-mile walk is hard to fathom. I realized that some only realized an illness had occurred during a eulogy.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer-diagram

The Check Up: This Father’s Day, let us take a stand for good health: male breast cancer, colon, and high blood pressure, mental disorder and others illnesses. Breast cancer in men is very rare, with around 350 men diagnosed each year. Early detection is key and basic examinations clearly show how these potentially life-saving checks are critical. Today younger men are at high risk and not only the concept that it is men over age 60.

American Cancer Society list few basic questions your doctors should be asking

do you have breast pain?

do you have a lump?

nipple retraction, or skin changes?

??These additional questions need to be asked:

How equipped is your doctor?

How knowledgeable is your doctor?

Where he or she received their training

The success rate of treating this disease or any other

His or her collaboration with other practitioners

Do you have an external evaluation of your labs?

In order to guarantee life, liberty and happiness in some of these poor and developing countries, they would have to be honest.

The lack of modernization – responsibility and morality many will stay home:

As society, we do not live in the 17th century where scholars noted when cancer was seen and considered largely as a “women’s disease which affected their women parts, the breast, and womb”.educated doc

Access to healthcare, combined with ignorance, has created ongoing disparities. The financial constraints and lack of social responsibility by several leaders whose political factors have failed to discuss inadequacies, and deteriorating facilities combined with access to essential drugs is not much different from doctors practicing without government oversights or up-to-date training, as new research, finding, and practices emerge in today’s medical advancement and treatments.

stethoscopeYou have recognized your professional limitation and become responsive in a changing environment, especially in advanced medicine. Having a 21st century stethoscope in a primitive operation only creates more abnormalities. This reduces the chance of treatment until it is no longer required. Despite underfunded facilities, and other limitations, some these doctors perform critical functions. However, unchecked practices can contribute to poor health.

What happened to accountability before and after surgery?

The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) has developed standards that many countries have adopted, but is it being practiced in all sections of your country? Many medical scholars argue that quality in medical labs improves patient care and safety.

patient waitingEqually important, the attestation of competence must be more important than profit. Personal morality should not be in conflict with one’s income to determine a few hours or days’ waiting for a doctor in which patient often dies. I have seen medical emergencies along some beautiful shores that defy logic in just about every way and the idea of upfront payments before one can be admitted or
operated has to be addressed.

Revictimization: Today several families are still in search of an answer.

How many patients’ life savings have been depleted by years of medical visits then to be told the possibility of cancer, or being prescribed same medicine for different symptoms while creating addicts to prescribed painkillers.

Was it cancer, heart attack, malpractice, diabetes, high blood pressure, or the prescribed medicine?

When was the last time you asked for an independent autopsy?

Human sacA major surgery in some of these communities is not much farther from the ancient Maya civilization where priest and nobles carried out a human sacrifice according to early scholars who studied the culture.

Who do you blame, and hold responsible?

medical_records_1305It starts by an analysis on all questionable deaths and all medical records and qualifications, and make sure that all right records of fact are kept. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a medical conditions or injury can make a patient’s condition worse. Although it is not a premise for a doctor’s negligence, it can erode confidence. Many of these cemetery and family plots still have questions about a real cause death recorded on a certificate.

People who need comprehensive care should not be forced to stay home. Often it leads to unapproved alternative medicine and voodoo doctor’s interventions, and blaming others for their ailments. I am not advocating Medicare for all, as it can cut the incentives to enter the profession, but there has to be a balance. From the Atlantic to the Caribbean, spa and relaxation healthy images overlook that some employees cannot afford to get sick.

Black-River-hospitalAwareness: Sadly, medical treatment and access to proper healthcare remains haves vs. the have nots.

Breast cancer is not the only issue should be on your list this year: the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) report that black people had the highest rate of getting colorectal cancer, followed by white, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native people. It is a time that men pause and look their own health.

Initiate or participate is key: The value some place on political candidates where many lost their lives based on the color they wore must be debunked. A color for ones well-being is always a fight for human development. Strengthening the health environment is an upward mobility. Devastating consequences can occur when we only accept what is on the surface.

Addressing men’s health in general will continue to have some challenges navigating the socio-economic divide, turmoil, and equality issues. Globally along several beautiful shores, towns, cities, and rural areas, families are being displaced from massive exodus, fleeing violence, mass shootings.

The sexual exploitation of children, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, gay lesbian and transgender fight for equality to the recruitment of young people into terrorist organizations continues.

Keci support-JamLet us take a stand: Today several men’s organizations support men’s fight against breast cancer and other diseases to engage and not to isolate from fear. The next Father’s Day, schedule an appointment to visit an up-to-date knowledgeable doctor. Love your doctors, but ask questions even if it only creates a psychological intervention until the next and appointment because we are all linked by geographic history and culture.


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