We’re making a BIG difference through the generosity of this organization for others to continue have an educational opportunity in difficult areas.


We are creating training sessions and curriculum that teachers, students and educational personnel about techniques of identifying problems, resiliency, addressing potential victims of crime, and proper reporting without re-victimization.  We believe this will empower teachers in classrooms to teach more effectively.

We promote diversity training to reinforce differences, how to relate to people of different culture on how to creatively engage students in identifying emotions around stressful situations, recognizing  students who have suffered abuse and at high-risk for missing school and joining a gang.

We’re building community relationships, that focuses on how children are impacted and ways parents, educators can promote resiliency in children; especially young girls.

The number of primary-school aged girls not in school has increased in several poor and developing countries. It is about 18 million world-wide according a United Nation report. We analyze serious issues and addresses them head-on

Violence” is an everyday threat, and the most urgent issue for millions of the poorest people.”

One (1) in every three (3) women are survivors of sexual violence. One (1) in every three (3) men are survivors of sexual violence

We are working with local leaders through awareness on “Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Children, domestic violence, gang activities, bullying and other public safety issues.