An organization that cares for students, the community through awareness, advocacy and citizen action.

ourshoresPurpose: The Foundation We are an  independent Non-profit,  not  affiliated, or endorse any political party. However, it is believed that the key to community success is simple good-governance and solid economic public policies to cut the gap between the haves vs. have-nots.  

We are  designed to give youth positive options  and create extraordinary opportunities, allowing students to dream and meet their goals. It is a group of community leaders committed to keeping their schools, youth safe and drug free.

We do not discriminate as to nationality, race, sex, religious belief, sexual orientation or political ideology. 

All gifts can and will  make a difference in the life of a student: Through our Alumni, Friends,  and Staff,  we are truly raising  awareness, supporting , academic programs for student needs that will lead to enhanced learning and benefit these poor community and overall an opportunity to succeed.  


Career Professional & past students giving back to students.

History: Our history came from years of advocacy work, public safety, traveling  and meeting people globally. We  are simply giving back and  committed to supporting one another in practicing the quality of connection we want for ourselves and for all  students. Our aspiration in the areas of educational awareness and empowerment galvanize young people out of poverty, violence and crime.

Student 1Vision:   Focusing economically disadvantaged children  struggles so that they may attend schools which best address their academic, social, physical and/or spiritual needs to reach their highest potential. We offer support to children who have lost a family member through a line-of-duty.

We saw an important need especially in the Caribbean region, and other poor and developing countries. The young people we meet are talented  and creative, but are often overlooked.  We often receive and highlight compelling  stories in our blogs and  commentaries. Sometimes we can help, other times we cannot. However, we are paying attention and assembling the best  to work with all ages  and background of students and educators.


Our Approach:  We’re  providing  educational  awareness on several issues to students and practitioners from every socioeconomic background. We engage youth with social groups and constructive activities that help them successfully navigate the transition into adulthood.

We are utilizing our knowledge and skills  and working closely with school leaders and their communities  to tackle victims issues,  sexual violence/ exploitation,  domestic violence, gang activities, bullying and other school and  public safety issues.


Law Enforcement Community Supporting the fight against Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

We also promote diversity training to reinforce differences, how to relate to people of different culture on how to creatively engage students in identifying emotions around stressful situations,  identifying students who have suffered abuse and at high-risk for joining a gang. 


Our foundation builds community relationships, focus on how children are impacted and ways parents, educators can promote resiliency in children; including drugs/alcohol and mental health illness and stopping violence against children especially young girls.

What makes schools safe and what makes them violent are a few questions we tackle to promote public safety. 


Ourshores- Donation to local school library project

Our Impact:  We offer students tools  to succeed and reach their full potential. This is to fulfill their dreams  in building our collective future.


Humanity: Scholars have noted that the centrality of education; especially for women is essential to a better global economy, and the foundation has adopted this finding



The number of primary-school aged girls not in school has increased in several poor and developing countries. It is about 18 million world-wide according a United Nation report.

We are working with local leaders through awareness to find  and stop the “Sexual Exploitation” of Children.

Know the signs   Re-Victimization :  

Our Commitment:

We recognize how far we have come as an organization in over ten years, and what are the challenges. We are aware that poverty and violence will not end over night. 

We know that what we have created can still be a powerful force, with or without the walls of an office building.  Every part you play enables us to continue to work responsibly in changing the lives of less-fortunate students and others to become productive citizens in their respective communities.

Today with over 4000 listed charities, local, national and international, one can find a cause that matter most to you- health, education, social-justice and many others. However, we are asking people to make a pledge and Sign Up to help them reach their goals.  [All contributions are Deductible: Tax ID No. [47-2644203]

Please contact us to learn how  through our partners we can customize  and build presentations or to lead discussions in your classroom, organization or at your conference  on several topics.

Please contact us, join or collaborate and explore solutions.

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This is our BLOG version page.  The commentaries are the sole views and opinions of the comment author and are not representative of Charity-Project or its staff.  The charity accepts no liability and will not be held accountable for opinions/ comments.


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