CRIJC LOGO B2History:  The mission started  over a decade ago working in the public safety environment  of the criminal justice system such as: gang activities,  substance abuse, the offender population, vocational development,  child trafficking, sexual abuse, domestic violence, victims rights, Re-entry, risks, and restorative justice and other public safety risks.

The experience gained has led me to mentoring young students and providing community service and resources to local schools, shelters, and churches.

Today,  I never imagined that the stories would lead to this incredible journey. Today,  we still believe in personal responsibility, accountability  and the Rule of Law as we continue to be mentors in our respective communities  while performing  our public safety duties.

Several years of knowledge, experience, and  now equipped with more training, certifications and support. What has been a grass-root target has expanded our awareness especially in the overall Caribbean region, including other poor and developing countries. The needs remains significant  for at-risk youths to connect with the best treatment, schools, employment and other resources.

Several school youths have been incarcerated, dropped out of high school at an early age despite good potential due to the lack of support and resources. 

Our core belief confirmed by many scholars that several of  today’s younger generation who have gotten caught up in the criminal justice system, they were abused, exposed to violence, lack proper education, resources and the necessary skills to cope with anti-social issues, anger and peer pressure.

We are aware that poverty  and violence will not end over night. However, far too often they are left behind.  But despite making incredible progress towards the mission, it has become increasingly difficult to fund the full breadth of programs and operations we developed

Our long time friends are still on board, but we wanted to reach more students and families globally in trying to break these negative cycles and, cut future  criminal enterprise that  thrives off hopeless youths that will become  radicalized, not necessarily from religious ideology, but stemming from polarization, isolation and the lack of opportunity.

We know that what we have created can still be a powerful force, with or without the walls of an office building. Every dollar we raise this year will enable us to continue this work responsibly, and change the lives of less-fortunate students  and others  to become productive citizens in their respective communities.


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