Where you Live can Make such a Difference!

Using research DATA and creating better communities: 

Our philosophy is public safety while creating brighter future.

We still believe in personal responsibility, accountability, and the Rule of Law. 

We are committed to address students career advancement, reduce violence, racism, poverty, educational inequality while working to keep youths safe from drugs, bullying and crime through awareness and citizen action

Juvenile crime statistics show that crimes committed by juveniles are most likely to occur on school days in the hours immediately after the end of a school day.

We are also reducing barbaric ideologies and creating an environment where they can have a sense of belonging and feel comfortable exploring positive interests and passion.

All children have enormous potential to reach their personal and educational goals.

Shortage and inadequate funded programs, poor employment opportunities, abuse, exposure to violence, lack of proper education, isolation, loss of parent’s capacity to care for their children and the lack of necessary skills to cope with anti-social issues, anger and peer pressure often led to problems in school noted by the experts.

School work suffers and several students begins to have problems in schools that may contribut to juvenile delinquency as studies have shown

Many student in these poor and developing regions faces social stigma due to financial burden, and especially one’s whose parents are incarcerated

Our scholarships have been changing lives: They give students the tools and opportunities they need to succeed and reach their full potential

Every dollar you give goes directly to funding scholarships and providing educational opportunities for children in need

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