An organization that cares for students, the community through awareness, advocacy and citizen action.


Preventing Violenceviolence

Data have shown that many of today’s younger generation in the criminal justice system dropped out of school at an early age despite good potential due to the lack of support and resources.

Juvenile crime statistics show that crimes committed by juveniles are most likely to occur on school days in the hours immediately after the end of a school day.

Our core philosophy is public safety.  We continue to reject violence in all formsWe still believe in personal responsibility, accountability and the Rule of Law. 




We are analyzing  the root causes of crime and violence:

Several research has pointed to common reason(s) such as: shortage and inadequate funded programs, poor employment opportunities, abuse, exposure to violence, lack of proper education, isolation, loss of parent’s capacity to care for their children and the lack of necessary skills to cope with anti-social issues, anger and peer pressure.

The Challenge:  All children have enormous potential to reach their personal and educational goals. We are reducing barbaric ideologies and creating an environment where they can have a sense of belonging and feel comfortable exploring positive interests and passion.

Using research DATA and creating better communities: 



Education, Race and Ethnicity: Credit Mother Jones magazine: In the Nation's Capital, Fewer Than Half of Black Males Graduate From High School

Education, Race and Ethnicity: Credit Mother Jones magazine: In the Nation’s Capital, Fewer Than Half of Black Males Graduate From High School

Most ParentMH1s are not career criminals, and   will continue to play a vital  role in their children’s lives.


We believe that a life  saved will make a contribution to society if given an opportunity, and support. We support inmate families,  and  communities to transform for a better future

Our Impact  scholarships change lives: They give students the tools and opportunities they need to succeed and reach their full potential throughout the Caribbean

Our Approach Every dollar you give goes directly to funding scholarships* and providing educational opportunities for children in need who’s  mother or father is incarcerated.




No warningArrest and incarceration is usually a sudden thing

Sudden financial crisis: If the parent was the wage-earner, the family is thrown into immediate financial crisis.

Emotional trauma: If a child is present when the parent is arrested, it is especially traumatic.K1

Worry about the parent: The child knows the parent is in a lot of trouble and worries about what is going to happen.

School work suffers: The child begins to have problems in school.


Stigma: Feel ashamed for their parents behavior

Separation by distance to prison: 


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