Let’s make a difference together!

We are a not-for-profit organization, and we look forward to a peaceful world by helping one another join hands to create a safer and better future for all children.

We make a BIG difference because of the overwhelming generosity of this organization so that others can continue to have educational opportunities in challenging areas.

All Donation(s) are Tax Deductible: EIN-No. 47-2644203

You can make a difference today by signing up to become a volunteer

Sign up to become part of our team as an {Awareness Ambassador} in one of our programs.

You will work to spread awareness in their community providing tools/resources to support and help kids succeed in spite of hardship.

Tutoring/Mentoring Self-Control and Optimism
Violence in School
Substance/ Abuse Awareness

Teenage pregnancy that can be a crisis for your teen and your family. 

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Child Trafficking/Exploitation
Advocate for Mental Health
Stay in School Campaigns
Victims Support
Scholarship Campaigns
Collaborating with Policy Makers.

Your idea is our success story: