How We Operate`


How We Operate

 For our board meetings, including conference calls, we strive to:

  • begin with personal sharing, “check-ins” that might include what’s has taken place on in our life since we last met or spoke, how we feel personally, and how we feel to the group;

  • make use of electronic technology, including computers, , speaker phones, conference calling; ensuring that no idea is gone unnoticed

  • accommodate the group’s process and agenda to members’ personal needs, when can be done

  • make clear agreements and, when we recognize a broken agreement (such meeting time)

  • remember that people do their best in an atmosphere of physical, emotional, attached.

  • actively listen to each other, being respectful of widely divergent feelings, opinions, beliefs.

  • Make Sure that anyone who is communicating strong feelings or emotions is fully heard and seen;

  • assume that anything mentioned is important 

  • we recognize that life is full of unknown

  • we support each other at whatever level we can

How We Make Board-level Decisions

We make decisions via true consensus processes based upon the conditions stated above.

We  are also  available to give presentations or to lead discussions in your classroom, or at your conference or gathering on several topics. 

Many students depend on the parents and caregivers to offer support and protect them from psychical, and emotional neglects, violence, abuse and other hazardous experiences. We are only here to help even one reach his or her goals.


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