What will the amount of my child’s scholarship be?
The amount of each child’s scholarship is determined by their individual need.

Why do families have to pay part of the tuition?
Each family member who can give is encouraged to do so.  This concept of making a financial sacrifice will motivate the student to stay focused.  Moreover, the scholarship is a hand-up, not a handout.

Who is eligible for the scholarships?
The organization is dedicated to expanding educational options for children High-School Students of Fallen

Yes, as long as the school is operating legally.

What options do I have if I choose to home school, my child?
This is not for home school students

I have never applied to a private school before. What help can I get for choosing one?
The application process is simple and someone from the team will aid.

What if I am not satisfied with my child’s school?
You are free to transfer your child to another private school.

Contact your local program office to let us know you are switching schools and we will send you the necessary paperwork.

What if my child needs to repeat a grade?
That will not affect your scholarship in any way. It is not uncommon that children transferring from public to private school will need “catch-up”

Do you have any academic requirements?
We want to help children from families in need – including those who may not be doing well in their current school. However, note that CSF-P does not continue scholarships if children are expelled from school or have discipline problems.

Most of the information is taken from scholarfund.org.


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