Our Team`

Since my encounter with several local schools, and communities, I made a personal commitment to find and work with people who share the same aspiration in giving back.

This has truly been one of the GREATEST rewards that I have gained from helping people privately before decided to make this foundation a public program. What started as my personal mission, lead me to become a mentor, friend, “unofficial” school adviser, and other titles.

Finally, I would like to say to the students I have worked with in the past, Congratulations! You are the world’s GREATEST and you definitely represent the BEST and BRIGHTEST among your schools in your respective communities.  

Board of Directors

D. Miller
Chair & CO-Founder: Blue Scholarship Fund: Law Enforcement/Public Safety/ Consultant/Opinion-Writer/Commentary/Advocate

Moses Soumahoro
Financial Coordinator, & Compliance
Aetna- Financial Compliance, Connecticut

Jhonny C Reid -Retired-Teacher
Program Coordinator-Jamaica Operations

Board of Advisors

Majovie Bland:  Philadelphia:  Emergency Medical Paramedic: Youth City Program Coordinator

Dean Comas: ICIA, AIPFM:   Location:  St Lucia & Canada
Management & Development Consultant/ Media Contributor

Leon Evans:  Location- London England:  Educator-Youth Counselor

 Anthony McMillan:  Educator: Maryland Public School

Mr. Montelle Felix:   He as been a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police for over ten years. 

Donovan Buckle:  News  Analyst/ Youth Development-Track & Field Consultant-New York, U.S.A

Mr. M. Hughes: (British West Indies)Retired Police Chief-/Public Safety Consultant

Please Share Your Thoughts- Thank You!

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