Board of Directors

CRIJC LOGO B2Message from the Founder

Since my encounter with several local schools, and communities, I made a personal commitment to find and work with people who share the same aspiration in giving back. This has truly been one of the GREATEST rewards that I have gained from helping people privately before decided to make this foundation a public program. What started as my personal mission, lead me to become a mentor, friend, “unofficial” school adviser, and other titles.

Finally, I would like to say to the students I have worked with in the past, Congratulations! You are the world’s GREATEST and you definitely represent the BEST and BRIGHTEST among your schools in your respective communities.



D. Miller

Chair & Founder: Blue Scholarship Fund
Law Enforcement/Public Safety/ Consultant/Opinion-Writer/Commentary/Advocate

Moses Soumahoro
Financial Coordinator
, & Compliance
Aetna- Financial Compliance, Connecticut

Chaplin Reid -Detective Corporal
Program Coordinator-Jamaica Operations


Board of Advisors

Donovan Buckle:  News  Analyst/ Youth Development-Track & Field Consultant-New York, U.S.A

Mr. Montelle Felix:   He as been a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police for over ten years. 

 Anthony McMillan:  Educator: Maryland Public School

Majovie Bland:  Philadelphia:  Emergency Medical Paramedic: Youth City Program Coordinator

Melanius Alphonse: ICIA, AIPFM:   Location:  St Lucia & Canada
Management & Development Consultant/ Media Contributor

Leon Evans:  Location- London England:  Educator-Youth Counselor


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