One person at a time, one day at a time, and one project at a time.

Thank you for your steadfast support. Your contributions enable us to serve the children and families we serve all over the world.

We invest in education to provide opportunities for success through our academic and professional support programs.

This design provides a positive break for today’s youth to pursue amazing opportunities, encouraging students to dream big and achieve their dreams.

Donation made

Because of your generous donations, some of our tireless volunteers and sponsors were able to deliver pencils to underprivileged children in desperate need this summer. We expanded into a few underserved areas and provided this critical educational tool to local schools.

Photo by Jimmy Chan

The charity’s goal is to assist young people in reaching their full physical, intellectual, social, economic, and spiritual potential, allowing them to grow into responsible global citizens in their communities.

Our awards have changed lives: they give students the tools and opportunities they need to succeed and realize their full potential.