Helping others to reach the top`

Blue Scholarship Foundation focuses on economically disadvantaged children who lives in poverty and often face marginalization, and traditional stereotypes.

Since poverty and its affects is around all of us, this mission was created so that students attend schools which best address their academic, social, physical, and/or spiritual needs to reach their highest potential. Simply put, it is to fulfill their dreams  in building a collective future.

Your helping hands enables the foundation to award numerous scholarships. Our efforts benefit students from the across the region on  cost for tuition for (one) 1 academic year. These scholarships help to relieve the financial hardships experienced by some families who find it difficult to meet the basic living standards, as often many students must make a choice between food and tuition.

The focus of our recent community initiatives teamed up with local groups to improve awareness on many social issues, career path, donation of small school supplies, and provided-computer soft and hardware upgrades.

Several of lives have been touched through the events that raise awareness about and the generosity of individuals time and donations.

We are committed to address students career advancement, reduce violence, racism, poverty, educational inequality while working to keep youths safe from drugs, bullying and crime through our efforts and citizen action.


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