Helping others to reach the top`

Blue Scholarship Foundation focuses on economically disadvantaged children who live humbly in economic poverty and often face marginalization and traditional stereotypes..

This is about achieving their lifelong dreams of building a collective future. Many lives have been affected by events of generosity

Your supportive hands allow the foundation to award many scholarships. Our efforts benefit students throughout the area for the cost of tuition for (one) 1 academic year.

These scholarships help to quickly ease the financial difficulties experienced by some families in difficulty who are struggling to achieve basic living standards, as often many students must make a choice between food and tuition fees.

The key objective of our recent community initiatives has been to collaborate with local groups to improve critical awareness of many social issues, career choice, the donation of small school supplies and the upgrade of computer software and equipment.

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We are committed to advancing student dramatically reducing violence, endemic racism, economic poverty, educational inequality, while working to protect youth bullying, use use drugs, intimidation through our tireless efforts and citizen action.