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Ourshores was founded from years of sponsorship workshops traveling to several poor and developing countries conducting seminars; covering school safety, team building, career development, financial literacy, stay in school events, juvenile delinquency, promoting resilience in students.

Ourshores, in combination with the Blue Scholarship Fund, was created and committed to giving back to disadvantaged communities around the world. The fundamental purpose is building on each other to practice the quality of connection we want for ourselves; thereby supporting educational opportunities for students no matter their location.

We are unaffiliated with or represent any political party, nor do we discriminate based on nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, creed, or religious beliefs.

Oueshores believes the best way to help children is through a holistic approach. It is not enough to give a child their first book when he or she is 7 years old.

Giving back is our mission, and we put our academic knowledge, skills and and hands-on abilities were our barrels lands.

Our mission is directly focusing on areas in impoverished and developing countries frequently overlooked. Our members have deep roots,  heritage and recognize the impact of having mentors, access to education, and how critical it is to socio-economic upward mobility; especially for young

Past Student Association/Annual Career Day Student Development Sessions

Your donation reaches children.
We travel to worldwide twice a year to check on the children at our own expense.

Please consider making a difference in these students lives. Please click on the donate button. We’re well governed, accountable and transparent.

All Donation(s) are Tax Deductible: EIN-No. 47-2644203