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This is a Charity foundation- 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. [Blue Scholarship Fund-EIN-No. 47-2644203]. We’re well governed, accountable and transparent.

Ourshores was created from years of sponsorship workshops traveling to several poor and developing countries conducting seminars; covering school safety, team building, career development, financial literacy, stay in school events, juvenile delinquency, promoting resilience in students, and social awareness curricula with students, NGO’s and community agencies. After these meetings, we recognize an urgent need that was more than a one-day conference then back to the comfort of our homes before the upcoming event.

Often our conferences are more than just a learning agenda and a list of activities that need to be followed in a meeting. These topics may be identified as taboo due to cultural beliefs, ignorance, or even political ideas where some inclined to stay silent, but we consistently have an opinion simply to initiate a discussion to change the path on matters affecting students, youths, and their community.

OOurshores in combination with the Blue Scholarship Fund is committed to giving back to underprivileged communities globally in supporting one another in practicing the quality of connection we want for ourselves and all students in general irrespective of one’s location or culture.

We are not affiliated, or endorse any political party, nor represent any agencies, and do not discriminate based on one’s nationality, race, sex, religious belief, sexual orientation, or political ideology. 

100% of your donation reaches children.
Ourshores has 0% fundraising expenses.
Ourshores has 0% administrative expenses.
We travel to worldwide twice a year to check on the children at our own expense.

For us, it is simple:

We believe the best way to help children is through a holistic approach. It is not enough to give a child their first book when he or she is 7 years old.

We put our academic knowledge, skills and and hands-on abilities were our barrels lands.

Past Student Association/Career day Student Sessions & Team Members

The foundation’s accountability mission not only deliver barrels of schools’ supplies, accept your donation, write a check and hope that it solves poverty and other socioeconomic issues. We offer solutions to the issues identified to stop re-occurrences.

Several lives have been touched through the events that raise awareness and the generosity of personal donations. Your gift will help equip children in need with necessary resources, training, and education while offering the promise of a more promising future.

Supplies Donated

Please consider making a difference in these students lives. Please click on the donate button. All Donation(s) are Tax Deductable: Payments are collected through Paypal. EIN-No. 47-2644203

Today, there are over 4000 listed charities, local & international. You can find a cause that matter most to you from a charity that distribute bed nets for malaria, give out vitamins to prevent blindness and deworm children,education,  health social-justice, and many others, so we are grateful that you checking us out, and even that alone to learn why we are committed to this mission -make us accountable.  Thank you!

The BLOG commentaries are the sole views and opinions of the authors and are not representative of Charity-Project or its staff.  The charity accepts no liability and will not be held accountable for opinions/ comments. They are selected to start a dialog on areas that we believe are important.


If you have questions, please complete the contact form

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