Our Values

crijc-logo-b1Our Values:  Respect and Integrity for the individual, while adding value, and making an impact on society are just some of our core values

We are an  independent Non-profit,  not  affiliated, or endorse any political party. However, it is believed that the key to our success is simple good-governance and solid economic public policies to cut the gap between the haves vs. have-nots.  

Leadership should strive to develop communities, work together regardless of one’s socioeconomic status, and focus on equality and economic growth. The  billions of dollars being spent fighting wars, dividing communities, promoting hate, polarization, and self-interest, while ignoring what is the cause of most conflicts and economic decay.

Our society should always find ways to mediate conflicts to decrease massive exodus of people seeking safety and economic balance. We support victims, promote public safety, and strive to reduce violent.

Regardless, of one’s place: East or West, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, and/or [anywhere else] Race, Sex, Creed, Color, National Origin, Religious Belief, or Sexual Orientation; tolerance will be the key to success in this New World Economy. “We all cannot be the same. Life would be boring. Let us mute ignorance, intolerance and embrace each other.”


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