What We Are Doing

Help to Change the Nature of Something

For decades, the team has been dedicated to public safety and community upward mobility. They collaborate with local students, teachers, counselors, advocates, and community leaders on a wide range of community engagement projects because of their extensive training and experience.

This year’s curriculum includes themes such as risk analysis, public safety, and juvenile delinquency; staying in school; bullying including cyber; teenage pregnancy; student resiliency; substance abuse and safety; team building; and student career development.

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Your critical contribution enables us to continue altering the lives of less fortunate students so they can become useful members of their communities.

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To promote public awareness of exploitation, we work with local leaders.

We are fostering critical awareness, recognizing the fundamental cause of a major situation, and proposing solutions to forcibly prevent a repetition.

For millions of the world’s poorest people, “violence is an everyday menace and the most pressing issue.”

One (1) in every three (3) women are survivors of sexual violence. One (1) in every three (3) men are survivors of sexual violence

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